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The Dutch company Rational is the original inventor of the combi steamer. Since the invention in 1976, the combi steamer is no longer thought out of the catering industry. Through technical innovations, Rational has managed to develop the most intelligent combining rooms. And the development goes on every year.

A Rational was developed by and with chefs together. As a result, the equipment is tailored to the wishes and requirements of a contemporary chef for its Combi steamer. Rational offers the right equipment for any industry, whether you have a butchery, supermarket or catering facility.

At HorecaTraders you can go for Rational self-cooking centers and Rational combimasters. These combi steamers prepare delicious and served dishes at low cost. A Rational combi steamer replaces all traditional cooking equipment: grilling, baking, frying, steaming, stoving and much more. In short, a rational combi steamer is smart in use, delivering high performance and has a clear operation.

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