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Who does not know the faucets of Quooker today? The Quooker was the first ever boiling water tap in the world. The brand has become hugely popular in recent years due to these unique faucets. With a Quooker tap you have boiling water in no time. The Quooker taps can simply be used as a normal kitchen faucet.

For example, Horeca Traders supplies the Quooker Flex Faucet . This Quooker faucet is a combination of a boiling water tap and a mixer tap, super handy for any kitchen! With this faucet you will receive a flexible tap spout. This tap spout is useful when washing dishes, filling glasses or watering plants. You do not have to worry about burning yourself in the boiling water because the boiling water button is protected. Because of this extra action you will never accidentally choose boiling water, but it is safe!

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